Robotic Scanners

SMA ScanMaster 0

RoboScan 0

Get Ready for a New Dimension of Book Scanning! SMA proudly presents ROBO SCAN – the first large format book scanner with automatic page turning function.  The ROBO SCAN is the only robotic book scanner that can handle books up to A1 without a problem.  Our robotic scanners are based on the well known book scanners of the SMA Master Series, SCAN MASTER with all of their benefits […]

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RoboScan 1

Operation Independent from Ambient Light. The ROBO SCAN utilizes a special LED light illumination panel completely free of any ultraviolet or infrared radiation, this guarantees harmless and uniform illumination to the original book or document on every scan.  Ambient light is far more harmful to the original than the illumination panel inside of the ROBO SCAN. Location of the scanner is not restricted, bright sunlight or intense fluorescent ceiling lighting does not interfere in the scanning process […]

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RoboScan 2

Highly Versatile. The ROBO SCAN is capable of handling many different materials.  In addition to scanning robotically, the ROBO SCAN can also be used manually.  The robotic function can be activated or deactivated via the touch screen panel.  The ROBO SCAN is also able to level all book cradle surfaces to create a completely flat scanning surface […]

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